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License Optimization Services

License Management

CiT’s License Optimization services for are well received by companies for two key reasons; firstly, we are independent vendor experts and secondly, we are amongst the elite of database specialists for Microsoft and Oracle.

Your data platform investment is not only an expensive one but a pretty important one. After all, your business’ mission critical applications rely on this data. Ensuring you are spending efficiently on your licenses can be a pretty big challenge especially if you are not sure about the size of the estate, have SQL Server licenses but are not sure how they are deployed, or you are planning a new SQL Server deployment/upgrade and are not sure about the costs.

Being 100% independent has many advantages for our customers and enables us to put their interests above all else.

What CiT can do for you?

When choosing CiT to manage the licensing of your estate, you are selecting a company who will use vendor accredited audit processes but will also seek to understand the business context and future requirements for your business. We’ll pro-actively seek to reduce your licensing costs as well as recommend the best solution for you, whether it be through consolidation, delivering on-demand flexibility or management of ongoing vendor support commitments.

At the heart of our Microsoft License Optimization practice are the following services:

  • License Assessments and Health Checks
  • License Audit and Compliance Services
  • Software Asset Management consultancy
  • Microsoft Enterprise License Agreements
  • License Management training
  • License Managed Service for business and organizations of all sizes
  • Virtualization and Hosted environments
  • Post License Forensics and Invoice Litigation
  • Benefits of our Licensing service

    As our license optimization and management solutions focus on accuracy, cost saving and ROI the following benefits are a natural result:

  • Licensing cost savings
  • Audit mitigation
  • Reliable license estate assessment
  • Management of non-compliance issues
  • Reduced risk of future license non-compliance
  • Positive outcomes from Licensing audits
  • Expert advice on all Enterprise License agreements
  • Reduced vendor auditing stress
  • CiT offers a range of services that allow you to:

  • Gain an understanding and more importantly gain control of your Microsoft SQL Server platform
  • Ensure that your licenses are optimized

  • These include:


    Discovery service allows CiT to gather intelligence on your SQL Server estate and report accurately to you what SQL Servers you have deployed, and which licenses those SQL Servers require.


    CiT can provide light weight tools used by Microsoft and train you on use to keep on top of licenses and SQL deployment.


    CiT can offer a range of SQL Server redeployment and consolidation services designed to optimize your license footprint while maintaining isolation for your critical applications.

    Independent is best

    CiT provides impartial, expert and accredited advice. We’ll deliver a license management free from vendor bias but with the certainty of vendor recognition.

    CiT also provides Oracle License Optimization services, through our certified experts and Oracle Platinum and Gold partners.

    If you are under threat of Audit or if an Audit is in progress, we can help. If you would like to implement best practice software asset management, we can help.

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